Public software

Here is a list of all public software that I wrote and that are available on this website:


Check out this page


This is a patch work of homegrown cosmology tool. Some details are available here and on the bitbucket repository



This is an ancient software but you can still check it out at the following page


BORG 1.x & 2.x

ARES/BORG repository

BORG 3.x

The main repository is here. The public version of ARES/BORG (a restricted portion only including the linear modeling) is available here under a CECIL/GPL license. Some other aspects are described my BORG page.

Web visualisation of MCMC

borg_webvisu allow to run interactive visualisation of MCMC chain in the web browser, find it in the repository.


A version of splotch bound to python and with some tweaks. Here.


A minified implementation of the MAK algorithm for large scale structures. Check the page for more details.


An early toolbox (prefiguration of BORG) for statistical analysis of CMB signals with MCMC methods.